Former President George W. Bush “I [protected] America”


(NBCUPHOTOBANK/Rex Feature. 8 Nov 2010. The Guardian. Web.  3 Dec 2013.)

George W. Bush has been criticized on his decision to use waterboarding on Khalid Shaikh Muhammad and Abu Zubaydah, two Al Qaida members, to extract the whereabouts of Bin Laden. In this 2010 interview with Matt Lauer, the former president reflects on his decision following the 9/11 terrorist attack to use torture methods and his book, “Decision Points.”

However, moving and convincing George W. Bush may be, he does not say how effective the torture methods proved to be. At some points of the interview, Matt Lauer does a good job in flustering the former president and he does a poor job in answering the question. Matt asks George W. if the methods that were used in searching for Osama bin Laden were legal and Bush answers, “yes.” However, Matt Lauer reveals that it is rumored that the former president asked only the lawyers that believed water boarding to be legal. George W. Bush also states that, “[his] job was to protect America and [he] did.” But what exactly protected us? The waterboarding tactics? Saying that going into Iraq protected America is one thing, but using illegal methods of torture and saying that it protected America is another.

The former president is not alone in his belief that waterboarding and other forms of enhanced interrogation techniques are okay to use. 2012 Republican Presidential hopefuls such as Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann all believe that the enhanced interrogation methods are important and are not considered acts of torture. However, 2008 Republican Nominee John McCain is an activist in outlawing waterboarding despite others in the Republican Party.

Please watch the whole video at and comment below on what you thought of the interview.


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