President Barack Obama: “Waterboarding is Torture”


(26 Dec 2013. The Columbus Dispatch. Web. 3 Dec 2013.)

In 2011 during the 2012 Presidential Election, President Barack Obama said that waterboarding is indeed a form of torture and believes that his former Republican running mates are “wrong” to defend the use of the technique.

In a press conference with reporters, Obama said that, “Waterbording is torture. It’s contrary to [America’s] ideals , it’s not who we are…”

President Obama went on to win the 2012 Presidential Election. However, during his 2008 presidency, Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder declared that some of the techniques used against detainees such as Abu Zubaydah and Khalid Shaikh Muhammad are forms of torture, and condemned their use. In addition, on January 22, 2009 President Obama signed an executive order requiring the CIA to use only the interrogation methods stated in the Army Field Manual.

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