About Us

Citizens Against Torture (CAT) is  an organization that was founded in 2005 in light of knowledge of torture methods (EITs) in interrogating detainees in order to gain information.  CAT is an advocacy organization raising awareness about waterboarding; we are not a governmental or religious group.  Citizens Against Torture believe in justice; however, we stand firm in seeking justice the right way, following the law, and respecting the rights of humans.

We believe that methods of torture, such as waterboarding, are wrong.  Our goal as an organization is to inform the public about waterboarding, its ineffectiveness, immorality, and the fact that it is illegal.  CAT wants to highlight that there are more traditional methods of interrogation, such as psychological techniques. We also want to put a stop to the mainstream media glorifying such techniques and that torture goes against our country’s fundamental values.  It concerns us that our own government abuses prisoner’s human rights.

To join Citizens Against Torture or contact us, feel free to comment on our blogs, like our pages, or email us at CitizensAgainstTorture@aol.com/CAT.


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