The Media and its Influence

(Zero Dark Thirty Waterboarding Scene. 3 Nov 2013. Youtube. Web. 3 Dec 2013.)

The movie Zero Dark Thirty depicts the hunt for Osama bin Laden and in the early stages of it waterboarding was used.  There are multiple scenes where these enhanced techniques were used.  But were these EITs the sole reason how and why Osama bin Laden was found?  Not only does the movie inadequately show how the interrogations went, but also many viewers and critics think that Zero Dark Thirty glorified methods such as waterboarding and almost made them justifiable.

In this scene, a prisoner is being waterboarded in order to reveal information on the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. The media is trying to get the point across that using this method is appropriate in interrogation situations. However, clearly the media cannot even prove that waterboarding is completely effective. In the clip, the detainee doesn’t give up the information at all. So it begs the question, how effective is it?


The use of EIT’s are being thrown into our faces not only from movies such as Zero Dark Thirty, but in the news as well. Certain networks are known for being too right-winged or too liberal, one example being Fox News. When former president George W Bush’s book Decision Points came out of the woodwork, Fox News had much to say about it, particularly in accordance to Bush’s decision to allow torture methods such as waterboarding to be used in the hunt for Osama bin Laden. Fox News channel not only hypped it up, but ignored the fact that yes, it was used, but could other traditional methods work just as well, if not better? The network remained on a one-way street regarding EIT’S, and their reporting and clearly biased opinions received a lot of criticism.

We encourage you to watch some clips at Media Matters for America as well as this one specifically. Tell us what you think.


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